Alexandra Connors

Madison, Wi 53704
Phone: 8479103017

Mission Statement
Hello! I've just moved to Madison. I am a Thai Bodywork and Coaching the Body practitioner, having studied at the Coaching the Body Institute of Evanston, Il. This bodywork curriculum is informed by Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, which follows pain to its source areas/joints, and retrains the neuromuscular response pattern. My mission is to use bodywork to bring clients into greater awareness of their pain, enabling agency to disrupt perpetuating factors. Accessibility of alternative health care is a core value of mine- in addition to working on a sliding scale, I focus on increasing your self care repitoire. Good bodyworkers render themselves obsolete. I have a portable Thai bodywork mat, and am seeking a studio to rent space from! Please message me if you have space, especially in the near east side

History Of Practice
Coaching the Body/Thai Bodywork Institute of Evanston (2015-2018), Contact improv/movement exploration facilitator at Blue Brick Collective, Galesburg elementary schools, & Knox College (2016-2018), Butoh facilitator/educator (2016-2018) at Bioneers conference, Hobart and William Smith Somatic Dance conference. Being at the beginning of my bodywork career, I am able to offer accessible rates, and am a voracious learner. After sessions with specific conditions and pain patterns I have not yet encountered, I study and confer with my network of bodywork mentors Having personal movement practices in yoga, flow arts, contact improv and functional movement, I have a developed repitiore of self-care techniques and lifestyle adjustments to foster interoception and fluidity of movement. References avaliable

Personal Statement
Having studied psychology in undergraduate, along with somatic anthropology, I've come to a grounded critique of egocentric psychological practices. In a sentence, believing ourselves to be individual bodies in pain only perpetuates suffering and prevents collaborative survival. Bodywork facilitates knowledge production in the bodies of those I work on, and within myself. My health making practices are only useful insofar as they are communicable. Our bio-medical model fosters dependence and deferrance to "experts"~~ I imagine each of us an expert in our own pain, intuition, and dreams. My contribution to the health making practices of others is the illumination of functional anatomy & structural instability such as hyperpronation and other hypermobilities, leg/pelvic length discrepancies, and other perpetuating factors of pain which are easily mitigated.

Upcoming Projects
I am pursuing mycoremediation with a few small farms near Madison. The study of mycology has completely revolutionized the way I imagine relational healing and growth. As I delve deeper, I hope to further articulate this convergence between unseen fungal relations which sustain our whole biome at every level, and our own attempts to navigate within a capitalist, white supremacist structure as individualized entities. Suggested reading: Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet ~ ed. Anna Tsing, on the illusion of self-containment On Indigenous climate studies: Or, this podcast, on liberation and intersectionality.

Other Groups and Organizations
Flow artists, ecstatic dance, Troy farms, Coaching the Body Institute, Fungi for the People