Open Circle Studio/Threshold

Efrat Livny

2717 Atwood Ave.
Madison, WI 53704
Phone: 608-220-8849

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Mission Statement
To create a vibrant community of practitioners and entrepreneurs who have time and desire to connect with each other and grow both personally and professionally, as well as seed and create larger community offerings.

History Of Practice
I came to bodywork quite unexpectedly after a 20 year career in the corporate and academic worlds in the field of biotechnology. I have been a bodyworker for close to 20 years. For the last decade I have been focusing my practice on Zero Balancing which I find to be a profound touch therapy for supporting health and wellbeing.

Personal Statement
I am a lover of travel as much as I am a lover of home, kitchen, garden and neighborhood. I love creating environments that are beautiful and welcoming. I love brainstorming and I love executing. I enjoy life most when I am present and open.

Upcoming Projects
I am in the process of planning programs and offerings in the new space I am creating. Some of these programs will focus on the principles of Zero Balancing as life principles, Community conversations and Circle Practice, entrepreneurship with a heart, creating ceremonies and rituals to mark life's thresholds, educating and supporting personal choices in dying, death and after death care, making new from old, and many more.

Other Groups and Organizations
Open Circle Healing Arts: 1) Offer and teach Zero Balancing (certified practitioner and faculty). 2) Provide Healing Guidance to support those with a health or life challenge,3) Create Talking Sticks, Inspired Jewelry and Spirals of Life, using natural and found objects and materials from around the world. My art incorporates various wisdom and aesthetic traditions and offers objects that are empowering and inspirational. I am in the process of creating a new center – Threshold: A Place for Creativity Community and Well-Being that will offer an innovative workplace as well as a large community room for a variety of events, teachings, conversations and celebrations.