Ayurveda Self Care Rituals

Ayurveda Self Care Rituals

Monona Yoga Center

320 W Broadway, Ste C
Monona, WI 53716

This workshop will practice and discuss DINACHARIA - ancient Indian daily self care rituals. These practices of self love and self care through regular nourishing and cleansing of your body have the capacity to boost the immune system, calm the mind, and assist in bodily toxin removal. I am passionate about helping others help themselves so I am offering a couple starter packages w the basic tools of a Neti pot, tongue scrapper, silk gloves, and herbal products as registration options to this workshop. This is a wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one at a great price. See below for more details. Registration is requested by Feb 2nd to ensure products will be ready for your pickup during the session. Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions. Hope you can join me.

Raka Bandyo

We are each manifested from the 5 elements and experience existence through our 5 sense organs. Ayurveda teaches us that cleansing routines and daily self loving practices help heal, balance, and nourish us. In this workshop we will be exploring various tools and home care practices to support you to love your body through all your 5 senses.

Divinity Package - $108 https://schedulebliss.com/mononayoga/?tt=9042
Workshop Entry, Silk Garshana Gloves, Stainless Steel Tongue Scrapper, Ceramic Neti Pot, 1oz Herbal Mouth Oil, 1oz Rose Water Eye Drops, 8oz Personalized Abhyanga Oil

Ganesha Get Me Started - $78 https://schedulebliss.com/mononayoga/?tt=9043
Workshop Entry, Silk Garshana Gloves, Stainless Steel Tongue Scrapper, Plastic Blue Neti Pot, 1oz Herbal Mouth Oil, 4oz Personalized Abhyanga Oil

Workshop Only - $25 https://schedulebliss.com/mononayoga/?tt=7914

Products may still be purchased ad-hoc from the list below. Some item may require later pick up from studio depending on date of registration. Please register two weeks in advanced (by FEB 2) via the package title links, via web at www.mononayogacenter.com, or by calling 608 572-4831 to guarantee delivery during event.

$20 Silk Garshana Gloves
$15 1oz Herbal Mouth Oil
$10 Stainless Steel Tongue Scrapper
$15 1oz Rose Water Eye Drops
$25 Plastic Blue Net Pot
$30 4oz Personalized Abhyanga Oil
$30 Ceramic Neti Pot
$50 8oz Personalized Abhyanga Oil

Posted by: Raka Bandyo