Group Hawaiian Tonglen Meditation

Group Hawaiian Tonglen Meditation

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Hawaiian Tonglen meditation is based on an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Many spiritual traditions believe in the oneness of the Universe and the connection of all living beings. In this sense, Hawaiian Tonglen is transpersonal - going beyond the personal and healing for the larger good. In this practice, we will offer the energy of forgiveness to each other as a stand in for the person who hurt us. In all likelihood, at one time (either in our current life or in a past life) we have caused another person suffering similar to what the other person has experienced. Offering an apology is an act of kindness and compassion.
Hawaiian Tonglen can also be used to bring healing to a relationship. We apologize and ask forgiveness on a spiritual level of the other person's higher self. Hawaiian Tonglen can also bring healing to our wounded inner child.

Previous experience is not necessary.
Suggested donation is $10.

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