Monona Public Library

1000 Nichols Road
Monona, WI 53716

NEW! Please RSVP to

Join us for our next Collective Meeting. We only meet 3-4 times per year so don't miss it!
Come for all of it, or part of it, but just come!

Social Time! 5 - 6p

6 - 8p
Rejuvenating the MAWC - What should we do next!? We'll brainstorm and start planning ways to help each other and our community in the coming months!
"Fish Bowl" - This is where 4-6 MAWC members discuss a case while we all observe and then get to discuss more deeply. This has been a very popular event in the past. Don't miss it!
Other items TBA!

Bring dinner or snacks with you if you like!

Posted by: Susan Frikken